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Plant diseases

Rose diseases - causes, damage patterns and control

Roses are afflicted in the wrong locations or with inadequate care of fungal diseases. Here you will find damage pictures and tips for treatment. Lavishly leafy and splendidly blooming roses are the pride of every hobby gardener. But the feeling of honor is quickly cracked as soon as the queen of flowers is struck by rose diseases.
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Climbing plants

Japanese maple - plant, cut and hibernate

The Japanese maple is a decorative ornamental and garden plant that attracts everyone's attention with its beautiful leaves, especially in autumn. © bluehand - The small tree, which can also be planted as a shrub, is also known as Thunberg's maple or simply as maple.
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Perennials & Ornamental Grasses

Mulching strawberries - 4 tips

Do not mulch strawberries during flowering Tasty fruits in the garden remain strawberries. They are loved by everyone, are easy to care for and taste just as delicious from the bush as on a cake or as a fruit salad. Easy care doesn't mean that you don't have to worry about your strawberries.
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Skimmia: Detect and fight diseases and pests

Even if the Skimmia is one of the resistant plants, it is not completely immune to diseases and pests. In most cases, this is only due to a maintenance error. © Kruwt - The Skimmie, botanically Skimmia Japonica, with the right location, good soil and a little care is rarely susceptible to pests and plant diseases.
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